Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Introducing A.J. the Kitteh

Good news! The vet has confirmed that Andrew's parents' kitteh is indeed a boy.

And if you couldn't tell from the title of the post, he now has a name - A.J.!

His name was inspired by a famous race driver (according to Tom) but as Charlotte put it " 'A' for Adam, Amanda, Andrew, 'J' for Joyce, 'A.J.' for Amy Junior)!

We stopped by Plymouth for a visit so I could finally meet A.J. and boy, did he live up to expectations!

He is TINY!

But don't try telling him that - he was also very spirited and spastic, chasing anything and everything, including bubblewrap:

And balloons with green string:

He enjoyed getting tangled up in the kitchen chair in an attempt to get at my camera case's strap:

Got it!

His little tongue is out while he concentrates on stalking the strap:

Finally, we wore him out enough that he settled down for nap:

That's when I scooped him up, settled him in my lap and satisfied my need to pet him (he looks unhappy but I swear he was purring the whole time):

A.J. conked out on my lap:

While he slept, Andrew and I feasted on delicious leftovers from Andrew's parents' Gourmet club dinner the night before - homemade cheese crackers, pizza dip, spiced nuts, meatballs and mashed potatoes:

A.J. even got up for a bite of his own - look how small and cute his bowls are!

He was in a good enough mood to let Andrew hold him:

I think it's pretty obvious that Andrew and I were smitten (with the kitten, haha) at this point. I was trying to convince Tom and Charlotte that it would be best to take A.J. with us since I didn't want to disburb him from his napping place upon my lap. Andrew tried to assure me that A.J. would fit well in my shoulder bag. We had to tear ourselves away to make it to an open house but I'm still thinking about how soft his fur was and how pitiful his little mews (not even full meows) were.


CHicks said...

These are the best pictures I have seen of A.J. Congratulations for capturing him in motion.

spongeamy said...

cutie-pie!! ben has competition now for andrew's love! :)