Sunday, February 21, 2010

Staying Local on Saturday

I believe there was a good chance that I wouldn't have made it out of the house on Saturday if Jen hadn't been a good friend and suggested dinner at a Newton favorite, The Local. Andrew and I had been motivated on Friday night to do some cleaning and throwing away of junk for one of our many cluttered rooms, but Saturday, I hadn't accomplished much more than watching the Winter Olympics and reading a book. In partial defense, I was suffering a particularly bad headache that wouldn't go away and made me feel too run-down to do more cleaning.

All it took it took was some fresh air, good companionship and tasty food to get my spirits up!

I won't go into too much detail about the food, since I ordered the same (dee-licious) homemade potato chips and Jen and I both opted for a cheeseburger, but we were happy to find new desserts on the rotation.

Jen went with the pound cake with crystallized berries and sour cream and proclaimed it delicious. She offered me a taste but I was honestly too full to even attempt a bite, despite my love of blueberries:

As for me, I ordered a pudding parfait with fresh berries that sounded nice and light but when it arrived, I realized what I had essentially orderd was breakfast. It was fresh berries (raspberries, blackberries, strawberries and I think blueberries) with vanilla and banana pudding and granola (it wasn't called this, I think it was described as nuts but it was definitely granola).  It was pretty good and I have to admit, the type of light and somewhat healthy dish I was looking for, but definitely not a "dessert" really, especially since the pudding had the consistency of yogurt.

The highlight of the night? Realizing that The Local carries my favorite Dr. Loosen Reisling,.

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Jennifer said...

I should order desserts that match my outfit more often.