Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Andrew and I cleared a huge hurdle to becoming homeowners last Friday. I'm still afraid of jinxing things by writing too much too soon, but suffice it to say, we've turned our thoughts to furniture.

We've been researching all sorts of benches that would work well in a front entry way or a mudroom. Most of the stuff we looked at online was your typical particle board bench with faux leather. Some even came with a few baskets on the bottom as storage space.

Then upon a stroll thorugh Home Goods this weekend, we came across this bench. Swoon.
I love this mosiac pattern on top - the colors, the shapes, the flowers, all gorgeous and constrasting well against the stone (cement?) portion. I actually noticed the pattern on a patio table at first, which was way too expensive and impractical for our needs. And then Andrew found the bench, which was much sturdier than anything we had researched and so pretty to boot.
I love the fact that the first thing that guests would see when stepping in a house would be this cheerful and colorful pattern. Also, I can totally picture my parents sitting on the bench to put on their shoes. Beautiful and practical.
This is where we would put it - out with the old and in with us.
I think furniture shopping has officially replaced our house hunting obsession.


Jen said...

Furniture shopping is so fun! Enjoy.

Glad you go the tote. Hope you enjoy it. Thanks again for the donation

CHicks said...

It is beautiful!!

bcallegra said...

Yes! It may not be to everyone's taste but we love it. :)