Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Andrew's Cat Conquests

One thing I've noticed in my time with Andrew is that animals love him.

Case and point - Andrew's interactions with my kittie-nephew Ben. Ben is only nice when he's hungry, as in, he'll purr up a storm as he's leading you to his food bowl.

Here's Ben playing the "sniff my finger" game with Andrew:

Here's Ben looking at my hand like what the heck is that doing near me:

This is the grumpy, pissed off face that Ben usually gives me:

Back to Andrew, this is their "bros for life" pose - this may look like it took place on the same day as the first picture, but it's actually another day that Ben leaped onto the table to be close to Andrew:
Andrew's latest conquest - his parent's new kitteh, which remains unnamed. The kitteh likes to nap on Andrew's lap and wait for Andrew outside the bathroom while he showers.
The latest twist - "she's" actually a he! So now we need male names.
I like Simon in honor of St. Simons island. Or Loki, to go along with Thor's Norse name.


Anonymous said...

His coat is a tuxedo pattern. I say name him Bond...James Bond!

bcallegra said...

Anonymous = Andrew.

I don't like Bond - it doesn't roll of the tongue. I think you need two syllables to make a it a good name, and saying James Bond will get old soon. So there. :)

Amy said...

HAHAHAHAHA! she's a BOY??!! i think amy, jr. still works..

CHicks said...

We will know Kitteh's sex for sure tomorrow night after the vet visit.

Camie said...

pickles works for girls or boys.