Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Big Storm? Wamp Wamp

After the last big storm hit the mid-Atlantic, I was smugly laughing at all the comments from people living in that region complaining about the amount of snow. One former college roommate, who will remain unnamed, sent pictures of her snow covered yard from Maryland. I thought to myself, really? How many times have I seen the same thing out of my window in a normal winter? And for goodness sake, she went to college in Boston for four years, she should be used to snow.

Then came the weather forecast for today's storm with all the weather forecasters proclaiming it would start snowing by around 10 am and wreak havoc on the evening commute.  The news was filled impressive, colored charts that made it seem like were going to be buried by a ton of snow.

And then the morning came. And the afternoon. No snow. A few anemic flakes that were so wispy, that if you blinked, you could barely see them. Finally, around four, the flakes were coming down fast but not sticking a lot.

So basically, a lot of fuss over nothing. And now I'm ashamed of the way Massachusetts was over-reacting about the storm (I think due in part to what the mid-Atlantic had just gone through).  But in my own defense, I treated it as a normal day. I drove into work. I even went in early to ensure a good parking spot in the garage. I didn't leave early. Well, technically I never leave at 4 pm, so it was early in the day, but it was nine hour work day so it's not like I missed doing any work.

Anyway, I guess that's New England for you. We complain about the bad weather when we have it, we complain when we don't get it and we just enjoy talking about the weather period. At least there were a lot of happy kids enjoying their "snow" days today!

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