Friday, March 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Camie!

Just a little birthday shout-out to my friend Camie.

We're both pretty nerdy (and have been since high school) so I'd like to say we were both primp and proper all the time:
But really, it's more like us having long chats and cracking ourselves up. Camie is the best storyteller and has the most expressive range of faces:

Happy Birthday Camie! Sorry to be missing out on the NY fesitivities this year but I think it would've been too hard to top your theme from last year anyway. Have a gin and tonic on me!


Ms. Camille said...

Best. Post. Ever!
I love ya Joyce...and I'm real sorry for hamming up your wedding pics!

bcallegra said...

Love right back atcha!

Although I realized in the post that I wrote "phrases" insead of faces - now corrected.

And - I like the hammed up pic the best!