Wednesday, March 9, 2011

10 Day You Challenge: Eight Fears

1. Losing my job - Although it would be great to have a job closer to where we live (shorter commute, yes please!) I think my real fear is not having a second salary to help with the mortgage. When I think worst case scenarios where one of us loses our job, I picture our savings in terms of how many mortgage payments we could make. The weighty responsibility of being a homeowner!

2. Getting into a car accident. I've had one very minor fender bender in my past (which is about to drop off my driving record, woohoo) but I've had a series of near misses lately on 95. Close enough where the adrenaline gets pumping and I'm slightly freaked for the rest of the day. This means my driving has been very conservative in the past couple of months, for the better in some ways (enforcing a safe following distance) but slightly annoying in other ways (hitting the brakes compulsively at any hint of red).

3. Ghosts - Not going to lie, they're not something I actively think about but I have to admit a little part of me believes in haunted places. But I'm not tempted to test out this theory!

4. Aliens - Ditto on them. I know this makes me sound like a crackpot, but seriously people, our planet is a mere blip in the wide expanse of the universe and to me, it sounds arrogant to assume we're the only game in town. This doesn't necessarily mean I think they're "among us" but yes, I'll admit that I think they are somewhere out there. I think this is why I like watching alien movies of all types, because to me, they are truly scary because a part of me believes in them.

5. Cockroaches - Even their name sounds gross. I don't like how big they get, the way they move, the way they crunch when you step on them, the way they look, the way they get into everything! Knock on wood, but I haven't seen one in years. However, the couple of years we lived in Hawaii, monster-sized roaches would get into everything. Each night, if I had to get something from the kitchen, I would flip on the light and start clapping my hands to scare the suckers away. This isn't a knock on my mom's housecleaning skills, because they're in every house in Hawaii. There's also the time that I got out of the shower, grabbed my towel, and had a roach fall from it - true story and I think I'm scarred from the experience to this day.

6. Having surgery. This is another knock on wood moment, but I've never had surgery of any type (not including dental surgery). The worst injury that ever happened to me as a kid (or adult) was a sprained ankle. I can respect the field of medicine but just can't picture how I would handle lying in a hospital bed. Shudder.

7. Cooking a nutritious dinner every night for our future family. Seriously folks, it's a miracle some nights that Andrew and I eat a normal dinner that's not take-out. How is this going to work with little ones in the picture? I hope they like pizza as much as Andrew does. Or better yet, I train them young to cook and they end up making all the meals for Andrew and me. This could be turning into a "want" instead.

8. That I'm addicted to caffeine. Seriously.  I have a daily routine down on weekdays. One mug of cranberry green tea in the morning and one diet soda with lunch.  I started getting some fierce (migraine-like) headaches on the weekends that were always centered on the same part of my head. I started comparing differences between my weekdays and weekends, and realized that I don't drink caffeine some days on the weekends (especially since I'm not a coffee drinker).  So the relatively minor (in my opinion) amounts of caffeine I'm ingesting during the week are enough to cause severe withdrawal symptoms on the weekend - yikes! But I haven't been convinced to go cold turkey - yet. I need caffeine to survive mornings (and stay awake) in work!

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