Sunday, March 27, 2011

Get Your Word On

I just discovered, which creates word clouds from text that you provide, in this case, my blog!

I had to laugh when I saw how prominently the words "cookie" and "cookies"showed up in the wordle I made, because the more prominent the word, the more often it was used on the blog. In my defense, I think the wordle is only based on my last four posts (I just plugged in and this is what popped up) and I did blog about cookies twice in the past week! Plus, anyone will tell you, I do love cookies, haha.


ats150 said...

i also like that ginger is front and center!

NOLA said...

I just did the wordie thing and LOVED it! Mine is called jabberblabbin' if you want to see it.

bcallegra said...

Andrew - you would love Ginger!

NOLA - I'll look for your word cloud, it sounds interesting!