Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Married to a Retiree?

Apparently, marketers are a bit confused about where Andrew and I fall in terms of target markets.

He keeps getting AARP solicitations in the mail. As in, the type of letter that comes complete with a real AARP card bearing your name. And not just once, multiple times.

And for some reason, I've started emails like this from the Princeton Review, despite hitting every unsuscribe button they have on their emails:

Um, no thanks to adding another school loan to our bills, Andrew and I already have four degrees between us.  And as tempting as retirement sounds to working stiffs like us (especially this early on the week when we know there are three days to get through to reach the weekend), we are still getting used being in our thirties. To be fair, Andrew actually doesn't turn 30 until October but according to the way his family measures time, he's already in his thirtieth year...

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ats150 said...

i think by "senior," princeton review means "senior citizen."