Tuesday, March 1, 2011

10 Day You Challenge: Ten Secrets

I noticed this challenge popping up on some of the blogs I follow and decided it would be a good way to jump start my post writing again and for you, dear reader, to get to know me better. To tell you the truth, I have the biggest backload of post material but some days, I just give up wrangling with photos in the posts (Blogger has got to figure out a better way to make blogging easier.)

So I present to you, the:

This doesn't mean I will be blogging every day or avoiding unrelated posts in between, but I do intend on covering each of these ten challenges, in order, in the following weeks. So let's begin! In no particular order, I present my ten secrets:
  1. I have never been able to do a cartwheel. Or do a proper dive for that matter.
  2. My eyes are two different colors - one is more brown and one is more green. For simplicity's sake, I list hazel on most of my identification.  Most people don't notice it.
  3. I think I'm in the wrong job. The older I get, the more I'm convinced that the perfect job for me is to work as a children's librarian. Despite my love of reading growing up, I still don't know why I didn't consider Library Science as a major. One, I don't think it was offered as a major at BC but two, I think I was seduced by the "glamour" of business and advertising.
  4. Most of my readers know that I am a baker at heart, and only cook occasionally. After cooking a successful and delicious meal, I look at the dishes, the mess left behind and how much time I spent on the meal and I confess to thinking that it wasn't worth the effort! Which is probably why I don't cook very often. Yet, I'll spend HOURS decorating cupcakes and think it was worthwhile. Go figure.
  5. I have never smoked a cigarette in my life. I've never had the desire to, I think because of memories from growing up with neighborhood friends in Korea whose parents were heavy chain smokers.
  6. I grind my teeth every night when I sleep. Loud enough that Andrew can hear it. It runs in my family because my mom does it too! Just like my profile says, it was part of the inspiration for my blog's name of Boston Chomper.
  7. I don't eat most of what I bake - I probably taste around 20 percent of what I bake. I think it's partly because I'm baking stuff that I think others will like (which means heavy on chocolate) and partly because I get tired of something by the time I'm done making it. Also, I do make a conscious effort to not to bake things that I know I like a lot, just because I have no self control with snacking! Which is why my coworkers end up getting most of my baking leftovers.
  8. I hate talking on the phone. I'll blame this on growing up on an Army base (Andrew says he hears this way too often) but I really think this is true. We lived in a very small base, so you were stuck seeing the same people every day. I'm talking more than your normal town. So I never really ended up making lots of calls as a teenager just because you knew you'd see the person the next day. To this day, I'm fine making calls at work but horrible with calling friends and family. I find phone calls to be awkward and in fact, I think I warned Andrew about this the first time we talked on the phone, yet he still asked me out on a date. :) 
  9. My wedding ring is slightly too big but I refuse to get it resized, since I'm convinced that between having kids and life in general, it will eventually fit perfectly (in less delicate terms, my finger will get fatter). I don't see the point in having metal removed from it (very expensive metal) and then having to get it resized sometime in the future. This has never been a problem except for the time I washed my hands while at Amy's Halloween party last year and both of my rings flew off my wet fingers into a garbage can filled with empty syringes of jello shots. Andrew and I hauled the garbage can into the bathroom and had to dig through the whole thing to find my rings.  As a result, I've developed a habit of compulsively drying my ring finger and rings with a paper towel after I've washed my hands. Which can be pretty amusing on the rare days when I forget to wear my rings and I realize I'm drying off an empty finger. Note to self: find a store that sells some sort of rubber slip on thing to make my wedding ring fit better.
  10. I'll confess that I have yet to apply for a library card in my new town, which is unheard of. I've lived here almost a year and never made it to the library.  I used to live next door to the Newton library (literally, the property I lived on touched part of the land belonging to the library) and I LOVE to read but between wedding planning and this sucky winter weather, I've relied strictly on my Kindle and Amazon e-books. This will need to be fixed soon!
Hope you've enjoyed this, I actually found it very hard to think of ten different secrets. I know these aren't exactly earth-shattering revelations but maybe you've learned something new about me today. I think the "nine loves" list is going to be much easier to develop!


chicks said...

I have plastic slip-ons for rings. I'll mail them to you.

bcallegra said...

Thanks Charlotte! Anything to keep the ring on, although my engagement ring has been doing a decent job of doing that. :)