Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Checking Out Cherry Creek, Denver

When Ben picked us up, he drove us to one of Denver's most charming neighborhoods, Cherry Creek, to meet up with another former Bostonian - Kat, and to enjoy brunch at a magical place called Syrup:

Bear with me, because I know the exterior is nondescript and doesn't reveal the wondrous food that serve inside - things like warm beignets that you can dip into syrup:

Not just any syrup - with our meal, we had a flight of syrups (why hasn't anyone in Boston thought of this) that included flavors like blackberry, maple-vanilla complete with vanilla bean flecks, strawberry, buttermilk and agave honey.  We all had a kick (as you can see in the picture above) pouring a little of each on our plates and trying each one. Surprisingly, my favorite was the agave:

Having satisfied my sweet tooth with the syrup sampling, I opted for a savory, glorious Cherry Creeker Eggs Benedict served on a croissant with mounds of  slow-roasted, tender corned beef hash like I've never tasted. It ranks as the best Eggs Benedict I've ever had.

Cherry Creek is filled with a mixture of fun and upscale retailers, ranging from places like Penzey's Spices (I made a pit stop and stocked up), West Elm and for those who are young at heart, The Wizard's Chest!

The first floor is filled with games and puzzles but the second floor is all costumes and props! Ben and Kat graciously modeled the latest in head gear:

Amy and Andrew were drawn to the classic Jaws look:

Actually, that picture has a bit of foreshadowing because what did we do next? Wander around Cherry Creek Mall to kill time before we watched "Shark Night 3D" in the movie theatre.  Needless to say, it was not my first choice to spend our first day in Denver watching a bad, bad movie.  However, it was the type of movie that Amy and Ben would watched as roommates for the three (?) years that they lived together so it seemed fitting in a way.

Afterwards, we headed for the hills - in this case, the outskirts of Denver to Ben's house so we could feed his rescue pit bull, Mandy (only the sweetest thing ever), enjoy a beer and enjoy the view.  This isn't the view from his backyard but it shows how close Denver's downtown area:
As dinner time rolled around, we wondered if anything could top brunch from earlier in the day...this was before we arrived at Domo... 


sharonwue said...

You could visit the Aquarium and eat with the fishes. Camille's cousin is the manager.

bcallegra said...

Sharonwue, good to know! We'll have to check out the aquarium on our next trip out.