Thursday, September 15, 2011

Summer Baking

It's been a hectic summer between work demands, having my house and kitchen taken over by beloved parents (we're almost at the two month mark, not that I'm counting) and just simply not being motivated to bake since it's hot and muggy outside.

I keep feeling guilty that I haven't posted many baking-related posts. I have baked this summer, but either they were not up to my standards in terms of flavor, like:

Another ill-fated combo of fruit and coffee cake (this one had cranberries and mandarin oranges, simply because it was what I had on hand):
Toffee bit cookies - I thought they had no flavor and ended up making the rest of the batch with coconut and chocolate chips added in:

While these weren't bad, they are just old favorites I've made before - chocolate chip cookie bars and black bottom cupcakes for a work wedding shower:
Luckily, the other group of baked goods I've made have been fabulous, I just haven't had the time and motivation to sit down and write a post that does them justice. To come, I promise!

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