Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hanging Out In Falmouth

I'm ignoring another cold, dreary, rainy day by recapping another summer day trip to Falmouth. I avoid the Cape like the plague during the summer, since it's overrun with tourists. However, Rich had scored a friend's vacation home for a week. While Andrew and I were too busy at work to take an extra day off and stay overnight at the house, we did drive down on an August weekend.

This charming site greeted our eyes:

The host himself was awaiting us on the deck:

There was a spacious backyard, complete with a...

Hammock! Everyone was tempted to try it out, including Amy"

Phu and Andrew enjoyed a nice bro moment together:

One of the best parts of the vacation house was found by following a dirt path in the backyard through the woods

Which opened into a residential neighborhood and this sight:

A residents only beach!

A little too chilly for us to go swimming but we did explore a bit

Andrew admiring the view and the setting sun:

Amy and Rich chilling at the beach wall with some drinks:
The the fresh sea air whetting our appetites, it was time to find food...

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