Friday, September 9, 2011

Silver Lounge Restaurant in Falmouth

Rich had eaten at the Silver Lounge Restaurant earlier in the week with Andrew and Andrea (apparently, I missed out on a good prime rib special) and enjoyed his meal, so he recommended it when we all wanted to grab a bite to eat.  The place was had the typical charming Cape Cod exterior with weathered shingles and was packed. So much so that I wanted to laugh at a lady that came in, requested a table for eight, and seemed utterly confused by the fact that she couldn't get seated with such a large group right away (mind you, without reservations).

We were told there would be a twenty minute wait, so we squeezed ourselves into their unique sitting area and decided to order some drinks from the bar:

The whole restaurant and even the waiting area featured marine props and decorations. I liked all the exposed wood and the nautical theme, it made the restaurant feel relaxed and casual (which it was):

Phu ordered a Dark and Stormy and I took the opportunity to try some of it because I've always been intrigued by the drink's description of dark rum and ginger beer. My reaction? Blech! Phu didn't seem to enjoy it much as well, I think because it was too strong? Chalk that up to "glad I didn't buy the whole drink to try it"!

I'm usually a beer drinking gal, but occasionally when I'm in the mood for wine, I go for a reisling and I'm always happy with the choice.

The minutes passed by pleasantly until we were seated at our table, which tucked into a little nook in the corner (surrounded with more charming decor):

I forgot to take a picture of the clam chowder that half the table ordered, which is unfortunate since it was by far the best item on the restaurant's menu! Our entrees were visually fun to look at, especially Amy's king crab legs, which everyone at the table compared to alien fingers. That didn't stop Amy from chomping away and from everyone else at the table from taking a bite:

Andrew and I both went for the surf and turf combo, and selected filet mignon and baked shrimp:

This entree pretty much summed up the experience of the restaurant. It was your typical American food/seafood combo and it was decent, while not anything special. Our "surf" portion of the meal only came with two shrimp that were baked into a pool of butter topped with a gooey coating - not sure why a whole casserole dish needed to be used for them! But over all, everyone seemed to like their food and I had no problems with the filet or the baked potato that accompanies every meal.

Overall, the atmosphere more than made up for any shortcomings in the food and I think it's a decent Cape Cod/touristy type of restaurant.

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