Thursday, September 22, 2011

Birthday Present For You?

I recently had the pleasure of celebrating my birthday (the big 3-1). In my head, I was already thinking I was 31 throughout the month of August which then made me irritated at myself, because why was I aging myself before it was even necessary? But I guess one way to look at it is, I had already made my piece about turning a year older. 

Despite having to work late at work on my birthday, I had a nice family dinner at The Fireplace in Brookline, followed by a Cabot's ice cream cake (my absolute favorite!!) I was also fortunate enough to receive a bunch of wonderful gifts, ranging from a wok (for making stir fry), a hummingbird feeder (to hang within view of our living room bay window) and one of my favorites (courtesy of Andrew's parents) - a Petunia Pickle Bottom wallet!

I was actually turned onto this brand by Amy, who also owns a wallet from this line. The wallets are made from a coated canvas fabric which makes them easy to clean and water repellent, perfect for a slob like myself and they come in a variety of fun patterns.  I think the line is intended for moms (since the brand also makes a lot of baby products) but for now, I'm satisfied with just owning a wallet from their collection.

Since I was shown a lot of love during my birthday month, I wanted to pay it forward and offer a present of my own to my wide audience readers (sarcasm intended).  While I wish I had a wallet to give away, I'm going to making this unique by offering a few of my favorite Korean (and one lone Japanese item) snacks as a sampler pack - most of these are chocolate based, in addition to a little peanut and apple jam action happening.  All are tasty, I promise (and Andrew approved):

I guess a good present would be something you really wanted but in case, I'm giving you a little taste of my Korean childhood. If you're brave enough to try, leave a comment below on the best birthday gift you've ever received.  I'll take entries through this Sunday, September 25 - good luck!


Anonymous said...

I think you should extend the deadline because Thursday to Sunday is a short time especially if you are away for the weekend. Anyway, I'll get it started. Two birthday gifts came to my mind. A pearl ring for my 16th BD from my parents and the Egyptian kartushe last year from my son and his lovely bride. The pearl ring was passed to my daughter on her 16th BD. I plan to keep the kartushe for a long time.

Anonymous said...

Did someone else win this?



bcallegra said...

Haha! I've unofficially extended the competition until this Sunday, and it looks like it's between Charlotte and Camille (who didn't answer the birthday question). Glad to see that I didn't scare everyone away with my Korean food giveaway. Plus I need the extra time since my mom found the bag of treats and ate one. :)