Sunday, May 9, 2010

P is for Pizza

I don't know why I'm so proud of this pizza but it's one of the best looking ones I've made. And best yet, it was so simple to pull together.

A ball of pizza dough from my local Stop & Shop, stretched on a greased pizza sheet, brushed with olive oil and topped with a little fresh ground black pepper and sea salt. I ended up throwing on some odds and ends from the fridge, which included mozzarella cheese, chunks of roasted tomatoes, a few slices of bacon (the precooked slices, cut into small pieces) and my absolute must have on pizza, feta cheese.

I feel guilty for making this on a Sunday night when it's a perfect weeknight dinner (as in, too tired to make anything complicated) but Andrew and I definitely feasted on it. We will definitely be working out all next week to make up for our gluttony today.


NOLA said...

I have the grand kids next week and I have 2 boxes of chef B R D pizza mixes. Don't laugh, the crust and tiny can of sauce are great starters, I like your toppings as well as artichokes and saute'd mushrooms, the kids like pepperoni and m and ms!

bcallegra said...

NOLA, it sounds like a perfect meal for the grandkids and even a "grownup" like me! :)