Sunday, May 16, 2010

Weeds vs. Plants

Can you tell which is which?

We really couldn't, even after consulting the landscape design blueprint the previous owners had left behind:
But using the map as a guideline, we methodically took out any type of plant we guessed was a weed. We started off doing the weeding by hand, but really got going once Amy discovered the garden claw in our garage (a relative had given it to me years ago and I had forgotten we owned it):
Of course, Andrew wanted to get in on the garden claw action:
Success! We were amazed at how big some of the root systems were for the weeds:
Afterwards, we admired a neat and trim perimeter.
I think doing yard work really made me feel like a homeowner. Andrew's been handling all the yard work for the past couple of months (even putting down grass seed a few weeks ago that is sprouting nicely) but this was the first time I got out a few hours to get work done. I probably accomplished around 5% of the work, but feel inspired now to plant flowers and vegetables in some of our newly cleared spaces.


ats150 said...

unfortunately, i'm starting to think that weed i'm so proudly displaying was actually a plant. oh well, we'll figure it out eventually.

Legz said...

My God this is the surest sign EVER that both of you have totally and completely given up on life. Now I have photographic proof. Next stop: aquacizing!