Thursday, May 13, 2010

Julian vs. Korean Food

Another thing that occupied my time this week? Dinner with our friend Julian on Monday. You may recall Julian from this post but may not recognize him without his "kit" on.

Poor Julian had biked over to our new place the week before but neglected to tell us he was coming over. His surprise visit was truly a surprise for him as well, when he pulled up to our house and realized we weren't home! After calling us to express his surprise (in true Julian fashion), we made "official" plans to meet, with the goal of 1) having Julian try Korean food for the first time and 2) see the inside of the house (after having ample time to examine the exterior on his own!)

Thus, I give you my photo montage which I think adequately shows Julian's personality and reactions to dinner at Apgujung (dialogue supplied is my own creative thought, just imagine thought bubbles over his head).

"What?! There's no fork on the table? How heck do I use these things? And where did that camera come from?"

Here, Julian realizes that salad is tough to eat with a fork but he learns that he does like the Asian ginger salad dressing:
"What the heck are all these small dishes? Am I expected to try them all?" To his credit, he was brave enough to try a piece of kimchi:
Finally, Julian happily eating his entree of chicken bulgogi and rice which I had helped him choose as an extremely safe choice for his first Korean meal:
The verdict? I think Julian could be persuaded to eat Korean food again. And most importantly, he liked the inside of our house as much as outside and seem particularly enamored of our three season porch.

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Legz said...

Perfect quote bubbles for me, I couldn't have said what I was saying/thinking any better than you did Joyce. I think that in the battle of Julian vs. Korean Food, I won, handily. But in the battle of Julian vs. The Three Season Porch, my God, the Three Season Porch CRUSHED ME like Craiggers crushes beers; in other words, it wasn't even close.