Saturday, May 1, 2010

New Bedtime Routine

It's not often that I use the stove as a part of my routine to get ready for bed.

Tonight, we boil water to have clean water to brush our teeth in. Why? A break in the pipe - that I had never even heard of - that brings water into the Boston area from a major reservoir in Weston.  An estimated 30 communities and two million people (including me and Andrew) are impacted. You can read more about it here. On a funny note, they'll be using water from the Chestnut Hill Reservoir (right next to BC) as part of the backup system. When my roommates and I were in school and heard stories about people skinny-dipping in the Reservoir, we always thought that the water was too dirty (as in, filled with geese poop) for that purpose, not to mention as a source of drinking water.

Just another one of those life moments when you realize that clean water is something you should never take for granted. At least we are OK to bathe in it, which is extremely important since we will be spending 5+ hours walking in 80 degree weather for the Walk for Hunger tomorrow. Which means, I will definitely need to shower.

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