Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ride On, Cowgirl

Andrew and I had the busiest of weekends, and I've got much to share about Boston Beer and Bacon Festival and the Walk for Hunger...but, I'm sick.  So I've lost motivation to do a long, picture-filled post.  While Andrew and I are feeling sorry for ourselves (I totally passed on what I had to him, thus fulfilling the whole "in sickness" part of our vows), I decided to share this delightful slideshow that I've created of my sister Amy.  I bet she is really regretting 1) that we convinced to get on the horse ride right after we left the Blue-Eyed Crab in Plymouth's waterfront area and 2) that she was stuck on it long enough for Andrew and I to snap a series of photos. Enjoy - I know I don't get tired of seeing the startled/joyful/stoic expressions on her face!


Foley Monster and Pocket said...

So there I am, baby sitting Mackenzie, showing her Foley's blog, when I see a new Boston Chomper blog, and I say "oh, this is Uncle Tom's son Andrew's wife's Joyce's blog. You remember her from the cookout, and she said she did, and then we open the blog and we see your sister riding a hobby horse like she's Debra Winger in Urban Cowboy, and at that moment, her innocence was lost. For shame I say! And this summer, when we are at Andrew's parents' pool, and Mackenzie and Aimee are there, and Mackenzie sees her and says "isn't that the pony lady?" we are going to have to tell her it, sadly, is.

bcallegra said...

Haha, Amy will kill me if Mackenzie remembers this! :)

spongeamy said...