Thursday, May 5, 2011

Beer and Bacon Overload!

Some highlights from the Boston Beer and Bacon Festival (full post to come at some point this weekend when I'm done feeling so crummy):

My favorite dish of the night - Pork belly over polenta and pickled vegetables by the fireplace - sooooo good!

The two key utensils needed to survive the night (and to score tons of bacon and beer, naturally):

Bacon appeared in all sorts of strange places, like popcorn (although funny sidenote: Andrew wouldn't let me eat this because the woman serving it was using her bare hands to scoop the popcoorn in the cup!)
There was even bacon on draught (although none of the bacon-flavored beers did it for me): 

Bacon appeared on tons of shirts, but this was one of the most creative ones we saw (good use of ribbon!):

Two very happy, full and slightly beer-buzzed people at the end of the night:


Foley Monster and Pocket said...

A beer and bacon festival. Man and dogs' favorite things.

bcallegra said...

My favorites too!