Friday, May 27, 2011

NYC Street Fair

Another thing I enjoy about visiting Manhattan is the brunch culture. It's just so easy to roll out of bed at anytime of the day and make your way to a good brunch place or even a corner bodega for fresh bagels.

Amanda took us to a great brunch place with a Belgian flair - Markt on Sixth Avenue.  We were up relatively early and so we were able to score an awesome table at the open windows to enjoy the only fully sunny day of the weekend.  I didn't take pictures at this meal (my attempt to act like an average citizen at some meals rather than apporaching them with a blogger mindset) but the bread basket and the potato patties were stand-outs of the meal.  From our table at Markt (you can actually see the open window for Markt all the way on the right hand side of the picture), we could see a street fair in progress and a vendor selling flannel pajama bottoms, of all things:

We got to see more of the street fair as we walked to and from West Elm (that's Andrew carrying a rug and looking back, wondering what's taking me so long to walk with them):

I almost regretted eating brunch when I saw all these neat stands - can you imagine being too full for a crepe?

Classic NYC street food - Gyros (don't even get the debate started on how to pronounce these, I've heard it all!):

Fresh fruit smoothies that looked extremely refreshing on a warm city walk:

And one of my all time favorites, fresh grilled corn on the cob:

Overall, there was an eclectic mixture of vendors selling things from rugs to artwork to shirts whose LED lights moved in time to music but I clearly found the food vendors to be of the most interest! I wish Boston had more of these types of events...

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