Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hello, Midtown Manhattan!

One reason for my blogging silence over the weekend? Andrew and I both took a day off from work (it was my first vacation day of the year, believe it or not) and drove to Manhattan on Thursday night to visit Amanda.

Did I mention that Amanda recently moved and now lives in midtown, one block away from Madison Square Garden, Penn Station and amusingly enough, Koreatown! That's her building (modern one) peeking over the top:

And, did I mention that her building is a new construction? There are actually still floors being finished but fortunately for Amanda, the spa and gym levels are already complete. As in, she can sit in the hot tub and look out at the New York City skyline!

The funny thing is that I have no photos of the interior of Amanda's apartment - it's a studio, so when Andrew and I arrived with all of stuff and you add in an air mattress and our clothes strewn everywhere, it was too messy to take a nice picture. Let me assure you that Amanda has been hard at work decorating and even had some pieces arrive while we were there.

One of my favorite things about her new place (besides the stainless steel appliances or the in-apartment washer and dryer) is the view - it's simply amazing. She has a corner unit, floor to ceiling windows on two sides of the apartment and this view right outside.  We arrived around midnight on a foggy evening, and the Empire State Building just looked amazing.

I was amused to see that the building changes colors for different occasions. Can you guess which baseball series was in process while we were visiting? You guessed it, the Empire State Building stayed impartial by honoring the Yankees on one side and the Mets on the other.

And yes, that's the Chrysler building peeking out in the distance. Again, just picture sitting in a hot tub looking at this fabulous city scenery!

So that was basically our first night there - more NY culinary adventures and explorations to follow!

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