Friday, April 29, 2011

Blue-Eyed Crab Grille and Raw Bar

I have fallen in love, and unfortunately for me (but fortunately for my waistline), my love is located in Plymouth. The Blue-eyed Crab Grille was Tom and Charlotte's choice for a birthday dinner in Tom's honor but really, dinner was a gift for all of us. Ok, ok, I will stop with the flowery language, but seriously folks, I was digging the food here!

The Blue-eyed Crab in Plymouth was the second stop in our tour of southeastern Mass that had started earlier in the day at New Bedford.

It's in a pretty small location but luckily for us, there was no wait at around 5:30 p.m. on a warm Sunday (although there was a constant stream of people in and out). The interior was whimsically decorated to resemble being underwater:

While the underwater theme may not be original for a seafood restaurant, the Barbie-lounging-on-adirondack-chair lamps were definitely unique!

We started with an appetizer of crispy calamari with banana peppers, rocket greens and habanero plantain aioli. Everything was really fresh and really good. The aoili didn't stand out as much in flavor as the name would suggest but it still was tasty and a perfect complement to the rest of the ingredients. And we cleaned the plate of any remnants.

Inspired by a taste of Andrew's lobster roll from the Waterfront Grille, I ordered my own for dinner and I wasn't disappointed. It came with nicely crisped fries (which doesn't sound like much but a lot of restaurants seem to have a hard time with this), a delicious homemade sweet pickle spear and good coleslaw, according to Amy, since I don't eat coleslaw:

One picture will suffice for the rest of the table, as Andrew, Amy, Tom and Charlotte all opted for what has to be Blue-eyed Crab's signature (or at least one of their most popular) dishes - the crispy crab burger on a challah roll topped with pickled jalepenos, avocado-casino and greens lemon aioli. I was too into my lobster roll to get a taste from Andrew's sandwich but I can assure, the table was silent as everyone concentrated on savoring each bite of their crab burger other than the occasional exclamation of delight.  Andrew did remark that it was crammed full of fresh crab with little filler and Amy compared it to one of her favorite crab cake sandwiches at the Barking Crab.
We walked out the restaurant feeling full and content and again, I was just impressed by the freshness and the great preparation that allowed just simple good flavor shine through.

Eating at Plymouth's waterfront made me long for warmer summer days filled with more seafood meals - Blue-eyed Crab, I'm coming back for you!

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