Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day BBQ 2011

Memorial Day weekend for Andrew and me means the annual Sunday BBQ at his parents' house in Plymouth.

With Tom in charge of grilling...

...there's plenty to enjoy including hotdogs, veggie burgers for the lone vegetarian in our group, Polish kielbasa, and Portuguese chaurico and linguica (bonus points to anyone that can tell them apart on the grill, not including Tom!)

If that wasn't enough food for all the meat lovers in the crowd, Tom also had ribs going on a separate grill:

Tender ribs doused in barbecue sauce, yum!

Everyone was enjoying the sunny weather sitting out by the pool area (although Tom and Andrew's six-year-old cousin Meghan were the only ones brave enough to get into the 73 degree weather): 

Meghan and I escaped indoors at points to enjoy the air conditioning and to say hello to the only member of the family trapped indoors - AJ!

Since Meghan's sister Maddie was in Maine for the weekend (talk about alliteration), I think Meghan was thrilled to have a furry playmate:

Then, it was time for food!  The full spread included potato salad, the best deviled eggs ever, pesto pasta salad, Caesar salad, corn bread and Tom's famous baked beans:

I feel like my shooting angle over the pool fence makes us look like inmates filing up to the food line but let me assure you, the comparison ends there. Everything tasted fresh, homemade and delicious, enhanced by th fresh air!

Next, were the desserts. Thinking of all the food we ate yesterday still makes my stomach hurt. But yet, that didn't stop any of us from diving in!
From the top left corner, we had cherry clafoutis ( a French dessert I've read about but had never tried), brownies, lemon bars, a chocolate sundae cake, an ice cream sandwich cake made with layers of you-know-what and whipped cream, and finally, my contribution, chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes (more to come these in a future post): 

Did we have a good Memorial Day weekend?
Good weather - Check!
Gracious hosts (thanks Tom and Charlotte!) - Check!
Fun people - (Starting with Mike and Jeanne on Thursday through the BBQ on Sunday) - Check!
Delicious food - Double check!
Am I dreading returning to work tomorrow? - Check!

I wish all weeks ended with long weekends...understatement of the year.


Foley Monster and Pocket said...

You left out the part about the killer table umbrellas, but I understand with a lawyer for a husband. The cookie dough cupcakes were to die for.

bcallegra said...

Haha, I completely forgot about the umbrellas - too bad I didn't have photos of the aftermath! And I'm glad you enjoyed the cupcakes. :)