Wednesday, February 16, 2011

This Is Dangerous...

The big news in the wedding world is that Anthropologie finally launched its own wedding line, called BHLDN

I think I would've been in some serious trouble if this had been around when I was still in wedding planning (and shopping) mode.  As it is, both my wedding shower dress (bought on sale for half off) and my rehearsal dress came from Anthropologie. The dresses in this collection are all out of the norm and while there are some that I appreciated for their "wow" factor, these are ones that I actually would've pictured myself in or, at least tried them on in the dressing room!

This is a vintage styled wedding dress, but I love the color and detailing and could see it working well as a rehearsal dinner dress or for the old fashioned bride, what you would wear as your traveling outfit to the airport (harkening back to a time when people used to dress up to ride on an airplane):
This dress screams drama and yet again, I'm drawn to its beautiful color and the detailing. You'd have to be tall and skinny to pull this one off but it would be fun to try on!
Another beautiful dress, for bridesmaids, that I predict will show up on a lot pictures for "vintage" weddings in the next year - love the mauvey color and the lace pattern:

I hate to compare these shoes to a mullet but I'm going to - they are business in the front and party in the back and I adore them! Not so much the price.

Love the details, the brocade fabric and pop of the greenish/yellow. I don't know what dress I would wear these with, but I would buy a dress just to match these shoes!

I think it's for the best that these came out after I was married, because the prices are a little hard to swallow. Don't get me wrong, they pretty comprable with a lot of wedding lines, but it would be a huge splurge to buy a whole coordinated outfit (with accessories). But it's fun to browse and dream. :)

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