Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Birthday Wishes For A Great Guy

Just a simple post to say Happy Birthday to my dad!  While it's already February 16 in Japan, we're still celebrating his birthday here for another four hours.

Here are some pictures from our Father/Daughter dance at the wedding, singing Neil Diamond's Sweet Caroline (pics were swiped from my sister's album on Facebook, but I believe are actually courtesy of Andrew's talented photogapher dad!)

My wonderful groom tosses me a prop to use with the dance:

I wouldn't normally say that my side of the family has any rhythm but I think we look pretty rocking (and into singing the chorus):

A regular shot that shows how nice my dad looks in a tux:

So yes, I snuck a bit of a wedding recap into this, but hey, it's the last time I got to hang with him in person:

Happy Birthday Dad, I love you!

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