Monday, February 14, 2011

That's How We Roll

Happily, I made it back from Brooklyn in time to have dinner with Andrew tonight.  Our Valentine's Days are pretty low-key but we wanted to make sure we were spending our first Valentine's holiday as a married couple in the same state!

Driving into Boston, the Valentine gods were smiling on us since we were able to score an awesome parking spot right away on Newbury street.

Walking down Boylston, we caught a glimpse of the Prudential Center all lit up in honor of the holiday (excuse the blurriness, we could not get the camera to focus):

No surprise to those who know us, we had dinner at the Parish Cafe - yummy and not crowded, no reservation needed and just our style:

The warm(ish) weather made it comfortable to walk around and admire sights such as the lit trees along Comm Ave:

We snapped this attempt at a clearer picture of the Pru on our way to our final destination:
Our date night ended, as all good dates should, with frozen yogurt at BerryLine.  The counter girls dressed with pink flowers in their hair and pink beads around their necks, but I spared them from a pictue and opted for the festive sign up front: 

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