Thursday, February 10, 2011

Accessorizing A Fireplace...

Andrew's mom Charlotte asked me last weekend if we had bought anything new for the house. My sad answer was not really, considering how empty some of our bedrooms are (which is why none of our guests are allowed on the second floor!)

However, we did have one humble new addition.  It's funny, before we were homeowners, I never looked in a Pottery Barn catalog or ever thought about fireplace tools.  Actually, I still don't think about fireplace tools but luckily, Andrew does.

He found this set and sent me the pictures, saying that he knew that the style would appeal to me. And he's right, the other sets we had seen were ridiculous overpriced and just seemed to be big, clunky and ugly.  I love the addition and I also love that he found it for a bargain price. Our second floor may be bare, but gosh darn it, our living is going to look amazing when we're through with it!

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