Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More Bridal Shower Highlights

I have a gazillion pictures from the shower, and most of them show me looking awkward and sweaty (gift-opening was harder work than I realized!) But here are a few favorites elements I wanted to share from the shower:

First, the opportunity to wear one of the flower hairpieces I ordered to wear during the reception - readers may recognize it from a May post. I'm only wearing one of them, but I loved how they turned out with the gray pearls in the middle. What i'm not digging completely is my hairstyle, it ended up being a little too big and messy for me so I think I'm going to aim for a more structured bun for the wedding:

The two things I asked for my bridal shower (leaving everything else in the hands of my sister and my lovely bridal party) were recipe submissions from the guests and a cookie buffet as the favor (using some of the glassware I've purchased for use at the wedding).  While I don't have a good picture of the beautiful recipe box Amy ordered from Etsy, I do have pictures of the cookie buffet. My bridesmaids pitched in and baked for it, and despite their protests, I did bake Magic Bars and Cranberry, Pistachio and White Chocolate cookies. My wonderful sister ordered the gingham favor bags and decorated them with custom labels that echoed the some of the design of our wedding invitations. Based on the crumbs that were left, these favors were a hit!

A shot of me and the bridesmaids hamming it up for the camera - I have to thank them again for all the time and effort they put into planning the shower:

A shot of all the BC girls in attendance (minus poor Amanda, since she was running around helping with the clean-up) - in fact, the first three on the left (Liz, Jen and Kelly) were my roommates for three out of four years in school:
Special thanks to Camie (a friend since high school in Japan) and my future SIL Amanda, who both traveled up from NY early to take part in the festivities:
And even bigger thanks to my sister and maid of honor for being the mastermind of the event, I love you enough to post a picture where you look fabulous and I look sweaty (although I'm still adoring my dress):

PS, as a sidenote, in case you were wondering where the bridal shower took place - a function room at Plimoth Plantation, appropriate considering Andrew's roots!


Jen said...

Looks like you had a great time. Love your dress. And your hair!

bcallegra said...

Thanks! The hair is still a work in progress but the shower and the weekend were a lot of fun!