Monday, August 9, 2010

Two Months To Go

Somehow I blinked and we only have 61 days to go until the wedding. Two months. At this point, I'm getting really good at list making but somehow, the lists remain long even though I try to get a few things crossed off each week.  I takes turns being uber calm about how everything is proceeding to have minor freakouts. Thankfully, Andrew has remained calm through it all and I keep trying to remind myself that I am lucky to have these things to worry about.  Or as my boss says, it's the marriage that's more important than the wedding. I agree, but flippantly respond that you have to get through the wedding first to reach the marriage.

So what's freaking me out this month? It's still my wedding invitations.  At this point, they've been printed and should arrive on my doorstep tomorrow. I'm actually in Boston for day of training and staying late in the city for a Mystery Meet dinner, so it's killing me that I won't get to see them until I'm bleary-eyed tomorrow night. That's not the stressful part. It's getting them addressed and mailed that's killing me. Each time I hear about a "date twin" who's already sent out their invites, I get a little more stressed. So my goal is to get the invites in the mail by the beginning of next week, with getting help addressing the envelopes since my handwriting isn't exactly neat in cursive.

The high points? I was practically high fiving the poor male coworker who's stuck sitting next to me (which means he gets to hear all about my wedding planning, whether he wants to or not) when I found a key piece of the groomsmen's outfits online, on sale and found a $15 off $30 purchase coupon to boot! My stylist is miraculously going to squeeze my hair and makeup trial in between the two weddings she's doing at the end of the month, just so I can have the trial on the same day as my shower (no sense in getting gussied up for an ordinary day). And I received a call today letting me know that my bridesmaids' dresses are finally in.  So things are rolling, slowly but surely.

And since Andrew just handed me a bowl of ice cream (not good for a bride trying to stay fit but oh-so good for the nerves), this night is going to end just fine.  Take that, wedding planning.


newlywed said...

good luck! it will all get done, in the end, and just remember...even if your programs don't turn out just the way you imagined them (or another detail), you will still have a great husband in the end!

i had my addresses done by Penned and Pretty (, which was VERY inexpensive and very quick...just a thought! but i know all these little wedding things can really add up. you will get through it! 2 months out is more stressful than 1 month out, and someday, your list will be short and sweet!

bcallegra said...

Thanks newlywed! With a name like yours, I know you've just lived through this whole process! :)

I'm actually going to rely on family and friends to help with the addressing, which will help keep my stress down to a manageable level since I'm reluctant to ship out portions of the invitation suite.

I'm looking forward to that day when I can relax! We'll see how it goes at the one month mark. :)