Friday, October 14, 2011

Okemo's Timber Ripper Mountain Coaster

After breakfast, we headed to the Jackson Gore portion of Okemo for a little adventure:

That's right, we figured what better way to enjoy the scenery some more and lose the breakfast we had just eaten than riding on the Timber Ripper?

It would be just one of these cars and a rail system that would control our plunge down the mountain!

There were an awful lot of directions and warnings for something designed for kids to ride, in addition to adults (ahem) like ourselves:

While two people could fit on a cart, Andrew and I decided that it would be more fun to "drive" our own carts:

Spacing us out a bit, I slowly followed Andrew's cart up the mountain:

We had a couple of minutes to enjoy the scenery as we climbed further up:

Yikes - this was when I was noticing how steep the climb was getting, and hearing the yells of people whizzing by us:

That's still Andrew up ahead - they told us at the top of the climb would be the point that we had control over how fast or slow our carts would go.  All I could think was that what comes up, most come down!

This is about the point upon I tucked my camera away, I needed both hands to be on the brakes for the ride down:

I had the irrational fear that I would go down too quickly and end up ramming Andrew's cart - of course, I had nothing to worry about. I didn't even see Andrew's cart the whole way down since he must have been speeding.  I almost was more nervous having control of the cart, going to slow made it jerky and going too fast made me feel like I was about to fly off the rails. But it was a combination of a roller coaster and a go-kart feel, and over much too quickly.

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