Friday, October 7, 2011

The Attic, Boulder, CO

After finishing our hike and showering, Ben promised us some good Mexican food for dinner. Efrains was the restaurant that kept getting mentioned as having the best food but as we found out when we drove out to it, it's closed on Sundays.  So we settled for Casa Alvarez instead - I'm not going to lie, it wasn't anything special so I put the camera down and focused on enjoying the company instead:

The evening livened up once we headed to the legendary bar, The Attic in Boulder.  The guys (including Andrew, who had been here on a previous visit) kept raving about the "Fat Albert", a specialty drink - light purple in color and grape kool-aid in flavor, a combination that packed quite the wallop!

With ridiculously cheap drink specials (we're talking less than $10 for a round of 5 drinks) and pool tables, we stayed put for the rest of the evening:

Someone had the great (?) idea to order shots:

And although the drink special prices had ended at that point:

They were still cheaper than they would be in Boston, which was enough cause to celebrate!

Waiting for our ride to pick us up, it was amazing to see how many people were out and about in downtown Boulder, even at 2 am.  Coming from a college town like Boston, I got a kick out of seeing the "Go Buffs!" banners plastered all over the central shopping area:
We tumbled straight into bed, knowing that we had to be up early the next (same!) day to drive back to Denver and hop on our flight back home.

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