Thursday, October 13, 2011

How To Find Ephesus in Vermont

I didn't do the shrine justice in my last post, so I wanted to share a few more pictures in the hopes that could get a sense for how peaceful the replica of the shrine was - and how unexpected it was to come upon it in the middle of the Vermont woods!

You're on very bumpy and winding mountain roads, turn a corner, happen upon something that looks simply like an open field, and then see this sign that verifies that you found the right place.

Just a small, unassuming building tucked away in the wilderness:

What was waiting for us beyond the door?

We had the place to ourselves, and I was able to take my time comparing the interior to the actual shrine we had visited in Turkey.

We left our mark in the book, and were surprised to see that three other people had already visited the building that day:

One last look at the antechamber connected to the right of the main room:

Then it was time to hit the road once again for Ludlow and the rest of our anniversary weekend!

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