Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Anniversary Surprise - House of the Virgin Mary

Andrew and I spent our first anniversary weekend enjoying fall foliage and the gloriously warm weather in Vermont.  Andrew told me he had a surprise planned on Saturday when we were driving up, and all he would tell me was that it involved our honeymoon and a quick side trip.

One year ago, we were on our honeymoon in the Mediterranean and one of our stops was in Turkey:

Where we visited the House of the Virgin Mary, a shrine in Ephesus, Turkey, a spot where it is rumored that Mary spent her last days:

Somehow, Andrew found an exact replica of the shrine - one year later and located in Jamaica, VT!

Needless to say, after shooting Andrew an incredulous look and laughing out loud, we wandered at our leisure, reminiscing about our honeymoon. I am incredibly blessed in so many ways, and having such a thoughtful and wonderful husband is clearly one of the biggest blessings in my life!

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