Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wedding Woes

Andrew and I the pleasure of attending one of my coworker's weddings over the weekend (congrats Sue & Dave!) 

The title of this post refers not to their wedding, but the comedy of errors that proceeded our arrival at the wedding.

Andrew and I were busy condo hunting in Natick with my parents and were cutting it close with time.  We made it back to the house in time to take a quick shower, change, and make it out the door with forty minutes to spare before the ceremony/reception in Sharon.  We get into Andrew's Civic, make sure we have everything we need (card, camera, invitation with address) and hit the road. A mile away from the house, a "low pressure" symbols pops up.  Andrew turns onto a side street, does a walk around the car to inspect the tires, and gets back in. He's not noticing anything but we have a short debate on whether to proceed in the hopes that it's just a false reading.  We decide against tempting fate to give us a flat tire, go back to our house and switch cars (where we do notice that one of the front tires is slightly low).

Fast forward and we pull up to the reception site at 5 PM on the dot. Getting out of the car, it's only then we realize that Andrew's suit jacket and camera are still sitting in the back of the first car. Doh! And the one promise I had made Sue was that as a fairly recent bride, I understand how important it is to capture all the details from the day and that I would take a million pictures for her.  Seeing as Andrew has never met Sue or Dave, he graciously offers to drive back to Milton and grab the missing items. I scoot into the country club, and luckily, the ceremony starts ten minutes late so I have just enough time to grab one of the last seats.  It's beautiful and gives me an opportunity to reminisce about my own ceremony but in one of the only times that I have ever wished a wedding ceremony to last longer, it wraps up in a scant 20 minutes! No sign of Andrew or the few coworkers that I know.  Luckily, I do run into a couple that I know at the cocktail hour and Andrew (with impeccable timing) shows up just as I make it to the front of the line at the bar.  Thankfully, the rest of the night proceeds smoothly. 

As this was the first wedding we've been to since having our own, I must say 1) it was nice to relax and just worry about showing up (minus the scrambling about I mentioned above and 2) it gave us time to reflect on our wedding and realize how much we loved things that we did. 

And in case you're wondering, Andrew did add air to all four tires of the Civic when we got back from the wedding.  I'm not sure our neighbors appreciated the sound of the air compressor at 10 PM on a Sunday night (sorry!) but it had to be done to ensure that I could use the car safely to get to work the next day (since I leave super early and before Andrew is awake).

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