Thursday, July 14, 2011

Amy's Birthday at American Craft

The special person that inspired the cupcakes? My younger sister (only sibling, in fact) Amy, who just keeps getting older which means - you guessed it - that I keep getting older too.

We are known to hang out at The Publick House in Brookline way too often, but this time, Amy opted for American Craft because she figured it would be easier to make a large dinner reservation (I think there were 11 of us total).  And despite the fact that this celebration took place in a restaurant I had never eaten at, I took no pictures of the food!  I remember some of the dishes being really good and my entree being nothing special, so I don't think the experience was strong enough to lure me from Publick House on an ordinary night.  And I feel a little lame for complaining about this, but I guess American Craft is all about serving food and spirits from craft brewers and distillers.  Which is fine and dandy and even admirable, but when I order a Tanqueray and tonic, I would prefer that you tell me what the restaurant stands for, tell me you don't have Tanqueray and give me another option rather than say nothing and deliver a G&T that tastes like crap because the waitress made a substitution for a gin that I don't like in it.  So my recommendation, stick with the beers or the cocktails!

Back to the object of our celebration, what does one get a birthday girl who is an ardent Bruins fan (who has cheered them on for years, not a bandwagon fan from this year) and whose birthday falls the weekend after the Bruins win the Stanley cup?

The group gift contained some worthy contenders. including a Bruins Stanley Cup towel:
What's this? A tattoo sleeve (calm down mom, not the real thing!)

Did you figure it out? Yes, that's a Bruins tattoo sleeve that Amy is so elegantly displaying:

Then came the biggest part of the gift...

Amy's own jersey (apparently that's a small and the smallest size that her friend Kira could find)

That grin on her face? It's for the name across the back of the jersey - Lucic!

A view of the table (minus me, obviously) and with the cupcakes on the scene - yes, we were those people who brought our own cupcakes in a cupcake carrier. Our waitress was surprisingly fine with it (so I'll forgive her for the nasty gin and tonic)

Here's a close up of the left side of the table that you couldn't see well in the picture above

Amy presided in the middle and was thrilled to see the cupcakes! We even shared with the waitress and gave her one of each type - she seemed to like them too.

Amy's birthday celebration? Success! I think in Amy's eyes, she got her true birthday gift with the Bruins' championship win.


Jen said...

I definitely agree, the food at American Craft isn't amazing, and definitely stick to beer or cocktails, but I love how much outdoor seating they have! It's hard to come by in Brookline.

spongeamy said...

yay birthday!!! :) keep the amy posts coming! haha