Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lost Photos: Boston Beer and Bacon Festival 2010

I've been sitting on these pictures for a year now. I had the best of intentions to blog about the first Boston Beer and Bacon Festival and then life (and wedding planning) got in the way last year. Now that we've got tickets to the second annual festival this year, I decided it was the right time to reminisce about what makes the festival so fabulous (other than the obvious - beer and bacon, hello!)

Last year's festival was held in the SoWa Power Station - a place I had never heard of before but to be honest, it was pretty awesome.  Considering that it was an unseasonably warm April day, the open air facility was perfect.

What wasn't so attractive was the line to get in - thank goodness that the weather was so nice that day since we ended up waiting in line for 45 minutes before we got in.

Indoors, there were still lines at the tables (especially the beer tables) but they were much quicker to get through:

If you can make out what Andrew is holding, each attendee was given a tiny little Dixie-sized cup as well as a spork.  This was serious business, as we were warned that we would not be given extras even we dropped something on the ground.  I can somewhat see the organizer's concern with the cups (extra cups = double fisting minuscule servings of beer) but having an extra spork didn't mean we would be getting extra plates of food!

Andrew and I toasting our first (mini!) beer of the day - I believe it was from the Blue Hills Brewery as I remember that we were both excited to be drinking something from our neighborhood (having just moved to Milton at that point):

We were wondering about desserts at the event but there were surprising a lot, from chocolate bacon milkshakes from b. good, chocolate dipped bacon and combining the best of two worlds, chocolate stout cupcakes topped with bacon - yum!

Another unexpected thrill was seeing Tiffani Faison (from Top Chef) staffing a table - she was very nice in person (unlike the tough, prickly personality she was portrayed as on the show) and it was definitely one of the highlights of the day for Andrew and me, being huge Top Chef fans:

At the end of the day (we were through from roughly 2 - 6 p.m., until the state troopers were literally herding us out), we were surprisingly full and loopy from everything we had a chance to eat/imbibe/enjoy!

A year later, Andrew and I still have to give props to Dogfish Head brewery for not running out of beer (like 99% of the other attendees) and for generously serving beers until the very last minute (meaning state troopers yelling at them to stop serving). We loved Dogfish's attitude and personality, and they definitely earned two new fans that day!

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