Thursday, April 28, 2011

Waterfront Grille

I can't wait for the weekend and the nice weather we're supposed to be having.

One of the last nice weekends we had, Andrew, Amy and I ended up taking a roundabout culinary tour of Southeastern MA.

First stop on our tour was North Dartmouth to pick up my cousin Andrew from school. He was in desperate need of escape from campus food, so we ended up taking him to the Waterfront Grille in New Bedford (based on a recommendation from one of Andrew's coworkers):

We were thrilled to score a table with a nice waterfront view:

With the sunny skies, some shades were definitely in order as Andrew kindly demonstrated:

The service was pretty attentive in the restaurant (almost too attentive) but I found our waiter to be weird. Amy didn't mind him and I don't know if I can explain why the waiter rubbed me the wrong way, but it was almost like he was trying too hard to quirky? Also, we were handed brunch menus when we walked in the door and mixed in with the menus was one for lunch. We didn't think anything about it, so my cousin Andrew and I ended up ending lunch items while Amy and Andrew stuck with the brunch menu.  The waiter took our orders without a problem, and then came back a few minutes later. He asked me if I had ordered the asparagus salad (which I had never heard of, since it wasn't listed on their menus). When I confirmed my meal choice once again, he told me it was on their lunch menu, which I shouldn't have been given. He told me that the Chef was willing to honor my request but he wanted me to know that it wasn't a brunch item and couldn't be ordered again if I came in another weekend for brunch.  I found this irritating as well - I wish the waiter had come back and just told me right away that I had ordered off the lunch menu and to make another selection. I guess I should be thankful that they were honoring my order but I didn't like impression that they were doing such a huge favor for me and I just didn't like all the acting in regards to confirming my menu choice. So again, it wasn't like the service was bad, I just wasn't a big fan of the waiter's personality and manner of handling things.  Anyway, back to the food!

The lunch item that they ended up making for me? A scallop and berry salad which was very artfully arranged. I have never seen these two flavors combined but I found the salad to be very light and refreshing, and the scallops had a nice crust to them:

Andrew went with a lobster roll (which looked tiny to me) and sweet potato fries. Again, everything was fresh and delicious!

Amy also had scallops, in her case, cornmeal crusted scallops with a red pepper aioli that she raved about:

Andrew went with the turkey club sandwich (also ordered off the lunch menu, but he wasn't given grief about it) but as it turns out, it had no bacon at all in it. Which made it essentially a turkey sandwich. We first wondered that maybe they didn't have the bacon since this was again, something ordered off the contraband lunch menu, and then realized, duh, it's brunch. They must have plenty of bacon around. So poor Andrew was stuck with a plain turkey sandwich but we had no complaints about the fries - perfectly cooked and crispy (something I can personally attest to since I kept stealing them off his plate):

On our way out, Andrew (my husband) noticed some very cool looking crab chairs by Waterfront Grille's fire place. Their whole decor theme was very beach/ocean focused (the same could be said for their menu) but it was all done in a very charming way:

Overall, despite the menu snafu and my personal issues with the server, I would highly recommend the restaurant. It was in a great location, tons of ample parking, great food with fresh ingredients and reasonable prices for seafood.

Location number 2 of the day for me, Amy and Andrew was Plymouth to celebrate Tom's birthday. More on that leg of the tour tomorrow!

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