Monday, April 18, 2011

Cupcake Camp Recap: Epic Failure

It's taken me a full week to recover from the crazed baking for Cupcake Camp, but I want to take you back to last Monday before the event.

This is how the week started - five dozen black bottom cupcakes in the trash. I was feeling frazzled and frustrated and full of despair - it was definitely the low point of the week:

The reason why they went into the trash? Still undetermined. They had an oddly bitter aftertaste. Andrew couldn't really taste it as strongly as me, but it was so bad that I immediately dumped the two dozen baked cupcakes and three dozen liners filled with raw cupcake batter and cheesecake filling.  I'm guessing it was the beautiful new souffle cups I bought as cupcake liners (which are pure paper, unwaxed so they should be fine for baking) or the Trader Joe's cocoa powder that I used. I meant to test the souffle cups (since I have around 200 left) with another type of batter but forgot in my mad rush to bake eight dozen cupcakes the next night.

But it all ended well - eight dozen cupcakes ready on Wednesday night for Cupcake Camp (although the chocolate frosting was a bit of a bust texture-wise, more mousse-y than buttercream like):

My banana chocolate chip cupcakes even made it onto (check out #5!)

This is how the night ended - the high point of the week, a room crammed full of people who were willing to wait in line for cupcakes and who liked my cupcakes: 

More posts to come with a full recap of Cupcake Camp Boston 2011 and the recipes for my cupcakes!

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