Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow Day?

When I hear the term "Snow Day", I think of a day off from school (or work) filled with lazy things like sleeping in, doing nothing but watching bad daytime TV, eating comfort food, taking naps, and venturing outside for fun things like sledding and snowball fights.

But wamp, wamp, as an adult, you don't really get snow days. When I first woke up, there was the initial burst of excitement as seeing how much snow had accumulated outside (I love the juxtoposition of our patio furniture against the snowy weather outside):

This is a view of our backyard:

My lovely car waiting to be dug out:

So while I was stuck inside (my work from home day was actually busy due to the storm activity and I needed to be next to a computer and phone), poor Andrew was stuck for hours taking care of the snow - here's an action shot:

I finally made it outside around 4 p.m. - my responsibility was clearing off and digging out our cars and clearing off our back stairs and deck. And all I could hear was the shouts of glee from kids sledding in the park next to us (you can actually see them through the trees):

When did snow days stop being fun? Andew and I were so tired and sore, we ended up collapsing into bed much earlier than we typically do. It was sad knowing that we had to go into work the next day, especially since a lot of kids got a second day off from school in a row. No fair!


Foley Monster and Pocket said...

Hold on a second. You have the cars the deck and what not and all Andrew has to do is push around a snow blower. Girl time to re-examine the work load,

bcallegra said...

It was hard work, but Andrew was out snowblowing for at least six hours and even got sucked into helping clear a neighbor's stretch of I'll give him credit where it's due, this time! :)