Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Teddy Bear Cupcakes

I actually made these in December for a coworker's baby shower:

But wanted to share since they were cute and pretty easy to make, I think it took an hour total to dip them in ganache and decorate them.  I was initially disappointed by how grainy it was since I didn't have bittersweet chocolate on hand, and had to improvise with non sweet chocolate with added sugar. However, I think the resulting texture effect actually worked with the teddy bear theme, and it was super easy to use candy melts (nose) and pop on some peanut and regular M&Ms (with a dab of chocolate frosting to hold them in place).

And it's timely that I'm sharing these with you as baby Brayden was born this week! Congrats to Kim, Greg and the rest of their family!

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