Monday, January 24, 2011

Boogerboy Boris

Do you know what a Boogerboy Boris is?

Neither did Andrew and I until his parents brought us a gift from their recent trip to visit Andrew's Granddad in Georgia. I present to you, Boogerboy Boris (it sounds even funnier when you say it out loud):

Charming, no?

You could read all this to understand what Boogerboy Boris does. He is more than just mere decoration. He actually serves a purpose!

Let me demonstrate.... 

Cracking the egg...

Egg white and one yolk in Boogerboy Boris, check!

Now for the one trick up Boogerboy Boris' sleeve:

Ta da! That's right, he's a snotmonster an egg separator! This just made baking oh so much more fun for me, just think of how much kids would love using him! And apparently, he works even better with a room temperature egg (we used a straight-from-the-fridge egg).


sharonwue said...

I want one!

NorthCountryLiberal said...

Very neat. I'll be going down that way and will try to look him up. thanks