Friday, January 28, 2011

Mother Nature Is Laughing At Us...

I know the last thing that anyone living in New England wants to see is more snow or snow pictures, for that matter. This post is for my parents and anyone that is living in a warmer climate that doesn't see this much precipitation crammed into a short period of time!  And the forecast is already calling for another six inches (or more) on Tuesday into Wednesday...sigh.  I was kind of hoping that this pattern of weekly snow storms would end once we entered February.

Andrew reminded me of Pacman as he cleared away the latest inches (and inches!) of snow from Thursday's storm:
The snow blower has definitely been a lifesaver, although it still takes hours to dig out:
We've finally had time to refine our parking strategy for snow storms, and ended up parking our cars at the top of the driveway this time:
It's official, we have our own ski slope at the edge of our backyard now. There's just nowhere else to put the snow!
I managed to contribute a little bit of shoveling - this is what I was dealing with on our deck:
And I was dressed in my best for the occasion - bright pink rainboots (with a double layer of socks) to keep my feet dry as I walked through drifts of snow:
I snapped these later that day (or rather night) once we had the whole driveway cleared.  This is a look at our front entryway - the snow is literally waist high to Andrew. We're afraid that none of our plants in the yard have survived the pressure from the snow:
The turn into our driveway is tight with all the snow piled alongside it. Can you even see our fence beneath all the snow?

Andrew takes great pride in keeping our front walkway clear for the kids walking to the bus stop and the dog walkers heading towards the park. This picture also shows how high the snow drifts are, which definitely makes it harder to see cars as we exit the driveway:
Finally, we've acquired an impressive set of icicles on our gutters, which seem to get better with each passing storm:

I feel like all this snow has definitely put Andrew and I into hibernation mode.  Once all the snow is cleared away, all you have the energy to do is crawl back into the house and stay warm!

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