Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sitting on the Edge of the Brunswick

After the family lunch on St. Simons, we headed off the island to the next town over, Brunswick, to visit Tommy and Ginger, another uncle and aunt of Andrew's. Their house was one of the nicest I had ever seen as they had designed it from the ground up and Tommy had personally spent time finishing all the different wood floors in the house. As nice as the interior was, the exterior of the house was equally as fabulous.
This is the view of their backyard from the second deck of the house - you can see the long dock that leads to the marsh, which is just a few miles out from sea. In fact, during warmer months, Tommy and Ginger often boat through the marshes out to sea to spend time on neighboring islands.
This is the pool, hot tub and gorgeous brick work they also have in the back - what you can't tell from the pictures is that the "pool" is actually filled with heated water (104 degrees) and the "hot tub" has the cooler temps:
I was excited to go on the dock to get a closer look at the scenery:
This is the view of their house from the dock:
As it was low tide, you could see all the marsh mud along the water line - Andrew's cousin Mason described it as the foulest smelling substance if you have the misfortune to fall into it (while jet skiing) but lucky for us, you couldn't smell it the day we were out. And even more scary, it's common for alligators to roam in this area, which is why Tommy and Ginger have installed a special stone retaining wall along their property:
I wished the day was warm enough for us to take the boat out, but it was still a lovely sight and wonderful to breathe in the fresh air:
Obligatory shot of Andrew and I enjoying the view from the dock:
We headed back to the house to lounge on the second floor deck, as it was getting close to dinner. Tom snapped this shot of me taking a picture of Andrew:
And here's the picture that I took:
Here's a shot of how beautifully decorated the deck was - it gives you a clue of how nice the house was overall. There was just enough of a nip in the air to make a fire feel very welcome:

Once the sun started to set, I joined Andrew's cousins on the deck to take a few more shots of the marsh:
It was a beautiful end to a great weekend!

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