Sunday, January 31, 2010

Meeting Miss Susie

It's been a blessed couple of weeks - I've gotten to hold two babies and sort of in the same category, a baby kitteh (more on that to come). First was cutie patootie Olivia and then I had the opportunity to meet Susie for the first time at a girls' brunch (plus the proud papa) on Saturday. It was a gathering of friends from BC, and this was the first time I got to meet
Susie as she was still in her mama's stomach the last time I saw her parents.

Susie literally had our Greek male waiter gushing over her and calling her an "angel from heaven" - most likely due to her baby blues, blonde curls and chubby cheeks:

She didn't let out a peep the whole time we were together, even though we kept pulling away all sorts of interesting things she wanted to hold (like butter packets and salt shakers). She was completely sweet and calm as she was passed along from person to person.

I think this was my favorite photo as Carolyn was holding her - I love the sense of wonder on her face and the way she's pursing her lips:

I only wish that Sarah and Mike lived closer to MA than Long Island!


NOLA said...

Susan means Lily.

bcallegra said...

I think Susan is a lovely name with a lovely meaning! Little Susie is named for her Aunt Susan, Sarah's sister.