Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Peachy Keen in Georgia

I know I've been MIA for nearly a week but I had a good reason, if you couldn't guess from the title - Andrew and I took a long weekend with his parents and sister Amanda to head down south for his granddad's 91st birthday!

We flew into Jacksonville on Friday morning and drove an hour north to hit St Simons island. St Simons is where Andrew's granddad and mimi used to live for years so Andrew and his family have tons of great memories of the island.

Our first stop was lunch at the Doug Harris Fireside Cafe, where Andrew's granddad is known as a regular and a fan of their peach cobbler a la mode. This isn't a good shot of the restaurant itself but I wanted to highlight my first sighting of Spanish moss - I definitely knew I was in the South once I started seeing Spanish moss and mistletoe in the trees, as well as Winn Dixie's and Piggly Wiggly's as grocery stores!

Spotted inside the restaurant - a chameleon! Although it looked like the geckos I had grown up with in Hawaii, I was assured that it could indeed change color:

After a quick driving tour of St Simons Island, we drove further north to Darien, where Andrew's granddad lives now, still on the shore with gorgeous views of the marsh.
It was great getting to know granddad better and for a treat, he played the piano for us:

Another reunion Andrew was looking forward to - seeing granddad's cat Thor:
Thor was a sweetheart and loved to be pet, most likely since he was content as a well-fed cat - this cat was not lacking for food!

After a late night catching up with grandad and some of Andrew's aunts and uncles, we drove back to our hotel anticipating a busy weekend.

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