Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mangoes 1, Joyce 0

As it turns out, I don't have an allergy to mangoes.

However, I did wake up yesterday morning with a  rash on my upper lip - which has slowly spread to my whole upper lip (not the bottom) and a small patch by my eyelid.  The good news is that you can't see the rash on my lips even though I can feel it and it is Eyelid patch is easily covered up with some make-up.

So what the heck is going on?

I did some research and it looks like I'm actually allergic to the urushiol oil in the skin of mangoes.  Urushiol oil may sound familiar to any Boy (or Girl) Scouts reading this because it is the same thing in poison ivy and poison oak that causes blistery rashes. Turns out, mangoes are in the same plant family as these two plants, you can read more about the allergy here. I tempted fate by writing my last post and now I'm being punished.  Le sigh.

So no more mangoes for me unless I wear gloves to peel the fruit. However, that's not stopping me from my Chobani yogurt!

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ats150 said...

actually, i believe the score is Mangoes 2, Joyce 0.